RSFC Club Coordinator Position Now Open!

River Surge FC is looking for A Club Coordinator to assist in managing the club!  This is a “get things done” role and will be guided by the board to support the vision of the club. 


A well-organized, self-directed person who enjoys planning and communicating with minimal direction is ideal.  Club leadership will be available to support you and give direction and guidance on program details.     


This is an hourly position with an initial work load of 10 to 20 hours a week.  Due to the flexible nature of this role and variable workload, this will be a contract position. 


The RSFC Club Coordinator activities could include but aren’t limited to: 


  1. Website coordinator/updating, as well as other social media 

  2.  Marketing support  

  3. Respond to member questions (email turnaround in 24 hours, reply to calls) 

  4. Organize and manage administrative tasks for tryouts 

  5. Fundraising and Sponsorship support  

  6. Lead the coordination and deployment of volunteers to support club activities. 

  7. Coordinate club support activities (event planner)              

    1. River Surge FC day at boys and girls HS games 

    2. Coach Appreciation Night Coordination

    3. Old gear collection and redistribution


Interested?  Contact!