River Surge FC moving to all-in-one software platform!


We are very excited to announce PlayMetrics, River Surge FC's new all-in-one registration and communications software platform!

Did we know about PlayMetrics when we merged last year...nope, but we wish we had! 

We will start to see the benefits of PlayMetrics starting with tryout registering for the 2024-2025 season!

  • PlayMetrics will be replacing Demosphere registration, email, field availability, and Teamlinkt starting with tryout registrations for the 2024-2025 season.  

  • For our busy parents/guardians and players, PlayMetrics will provide you with up-to-date notifications from the club, team, or teammates.  One place to find your information, no more multiple places to look!  

  • For our dedicated coaches, PlayMetrics will make it easier to reserve training space, coordinate with your team and other coaches, and save you time! 

To get started, download the PlayMetrics app (iOS or Android) and use the  Quick Start Guide and PlayMetrics Overview for Families.

Ready to sign up for tryouts?  Watch the website and Facebook!